Friday, June 3, 2016

The Progress: Spok Reach Water Tower Project

The Progress

The water tank is up, the filtering system is up.... in just a few more steps clean water will be available for hundreds of people in the village of Spok Reach. Change the quality of water, so we can change of the quality of life. You can still help...

Something that is so small yet have a huge impact to people's lives and the quality of their life.
You may think your small contribution does not make a difference, but the combined generosity can make a great difference between life and death. We could not save the 12 month-old baby in this village who died because of the drought and heatwave, but many more children as well as many adults in this community will be saved from lack of water in the future. And their quality of life will be better because we can help provide better quality of water-- for it is " the basis of the fluids of living organisms." Without water, I will leave it to your imagination. Please help contribute to a great cause.

"Silence is not necessarily golden"

They are building the water tower stand and platform to support a water tank and filtering system. Many wood columns are needed to support the concrete platform.