Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Water well project: The cost of drilling and the price of lives !

The Cost of Drilling!
Or the price of lives?

Vit Savoeurn
The well drilling contractor 
 The cost of drilling was $1500.00
for the 6" larger and best quality tube!

To save lives, every drop of water is priceless!

Vit Savoeurn... The owner/operator/employer of the well drilling equipments ...and crew.
The drilling--the first step to get better quality of water from the underground-- is done. 
Next, is to build a water tower with the 5,000 litter-tanks of water and filtering system.
Then, the distribution...

Monday, May 16, 2016



From Cambodia Science of Success to the Water Project
The Journey to Success that never ends.
Tom Cunningham Jeremy Rayzor Taylor Tagg Ruth Neslo Apple Mitchell Napoleonhill InstructorNapoleonhill Instructor Dwaine Perry Suzy Chhim-Parisi Rojana Padron Timothy Chhim Taing Cola Sotheary Ortego Roger Phuong Pov Sath Sok & Thea ...Lokru Sam Suykry Path and everyones at the InterEd...

List of Donors for the water project! To 05/15/2016
Thank you everyones. Our first task or beginning stage to have emergency water is done. We need to have a clean water system built: water tower, tank and filter and distribution pipelines are next! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Stage one has begun!  
Will you help?

Our water project has begun. Thank you everyones for your contribution. Just a few dollars more you can help find the most precious thing that can save hundreds of lives: It's Water!
Thank you Dwaine Perry Jeremy Rayzor Taylor Tagg Suzy Chhim-ParisiRojana Padron Tom Cunningham Taing Cola Sotheary Ortego  Roger PhuongPov Sath Tina Sok and Thea for your contribution.
Also thanks to Chao Virak Love for providing the pictures from Spok Reach, Kg. Chhnang, Cambodia!
And the greatest news so far is they have succeeded in locating the water line deep underground... and yet the digging is continued throughout the evening to secure the outflow. The entire people in the village including the Chief are in their glory--extremely happy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016



"All I needed was a tiny piece of food and a few drops of water..." I remember how it felt when I was completely dehydrated and gasped for a few drop of water to survive during my journey to the blue mountains in 1975.
This is why I am helping Chief Dwaine Perry and my other friends to drill and build a decent water well for those Cambodian families who are now dying for water. Chief Dwaine Perry and other Napoleon Hill Instructors visited a Khmer Village of Spoke Reach in Kg. Chhnang under one of the worst heat waves in history with some 108 degrees. Nearly all existing wells in the village were dried out....

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Water is Life: Spok Reach Clean Water Project

Water is Life!

The severe drought of this year has hit most areas in Cambodia real hard.
Hundreds of families who live in the village of Spok Reach, Kampong Chhnang area are facing with water shortage for drinking and household uses.

A clean water project for multifamily use in Spok Reach is underway to help save lives there. The project like this one (see the pictures below) can cost around $3,000 to 3500. It can feed up to 20 families with clean and fresh water all year round.

Chief Dwaine Perry of the NY's Ramapough Lunaape Nation donated $1500.00 to help start the clean water system including water well drilling, storage tank and other equipments. Suzy and David Chhim-Parisi from the Chhim's household has contributed $500.00; Jeremy Rayzor of Rayzor Sharp Entertainment donated $300.00, Rojana and Jorge Padron from the Padron's Household of Thiells, NY gave $100.00 and Taylor Tagg my coauthor of Amazon Bestseller Adversity to Advantage pledged $200.00 to help. We are sure others will also follow...

We need an additional $400 or more to begin digging.

Please help to make this project completed on time... You can sent your contribution via Paypal to Timothychhim@aol.com.

Your name will be written...and honored! Thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Water is LIFE: A water well project in Spok Reach...

Water is LIFE: A water well project in Spok Reach...

Water is more useful than gold...

When we visited the village of Spok Reach, Kampong Chhnang, after our International Conference on Cambodia Science of Success in Phnom Penh, many villagers were seeking help to have water wells drilled inside their land. The wells can be publicly shared.

My colleagues  and I (led by Chief Dwaine Perry of Ramapough Lunaape Nation) are studying for possible places inside the above village to have some wells drilled for public use. A basic water well with electric water pump can cost around $250.00 each, however a water tower project that can feed up to 20 households or more can cost between 3,000 to 3,500 US dollars.

I will share with you more about the project.

Thank you!

On April 15, 2016 the temperature in Cambodia climbed up to more than 108 degrees. 
The highest and hottest ever! Most wells dried out and water has become Life! No water, No life!

Sopheak Nop does not have a well on his property and needs to buy or beg water from his neighbors. 

Chief Dwaine Perry of New York's Ramapough Lunaape Nation, Jeremy Rayzor of Montana and Neang Kim Chhim Visited the Village of Spok Reach, Kampong Chhnang to examine a well which was almost completely dried out!

Scorching heat of more than 108 degrees caused people to seek for some shades. Krama or Khmer Scarfs were useful. Chief Perry and Jeremy soaked them with cold water to help cool down their head and body.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Permanent Political Party's Signs: Things that Cambodia Can Look Better Without Them

Permanent Political Party's Signs: Things that Cambodia Can Look Better Without Them

Everywhere you go, you can see permanent political party's signs and logos all over Cambodia; from their national headquarters to a the smallest hut of their poor political supporter. Those signs are installed permanently 24/7 and 12 months a year regardless whether Cambodia has an election or not.

Many of the signs are dilapidated and look terrible. Some are bolted near a bridge, on the sidewalks or even on narrow shoulders of Cambodia's main highways and roads. Many hardcore supporters love to hang their political party's logo or signage on top of their front gate or in their front yard. This could well deter their oppositions from entering their home :-).

Meanwhile in my hometown and home state, we don't see any political signs or logos left after the Campaign season is over and most of the removable signs are small usually posted nicely on some corners or near the sidewalks.

As far as our political affiliation is concerned, we just can't tell who is who among us unless we decide to talk and tell.

Cambodia can look much better without these permanent signs and Cambodian people can feel better without knowing that neighbors are their political enemies.

It will also be nice to hear just our friend's name without any political affiliation attached to them. Or will it?

Timothy Chhim